Tελευταια Νεα

Σάββατο, Αυγούστου 29, 2020

ATTACK ON GREECE..!!! A Turkish university professor is calling all the Turkish army forces to Follow the example of Νazi Germany...!!!

Αccording to what he said on a TV interview Turkish history professor, on a Sakarya Ebubekir Ebsofuoglu University, Turkey should imitate Nazi and invade into Greece like Nazi did in Poland

In fact according to the Turkish professor, that kind of aggressive energy became from Turkey is very easy to do. 

We would like to remind you and make current to the people that Turkey at the Second World War, did not shoot not a single bullet against Nazi Germany and her allies...

At this point we have to say that from this Friday the pro goverment Turkish media, tone that Turkey on a warfare with Greece will easy occupy Western Thrace and Greek Islands close to coastline of Asia Minor

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